Reciclados La Red by Veolia is a highly experienced company using advanced technology operating in the post – consumer plastics recycling sector (industrial, domestic and agricultural).

Thanks to the technological development that we have implemented, we are the first recyclers in Spain to receive the UNE-EN 15343 certificate for Traceability of Post-consumer Recycled Plastic.

This European standard specifies the necessary procedures for the traceability of recycled plastics, and lays the foundations for the procedure for calculating the recycled plastic content of a product.

With this certificate, for example, we verify the percentage of recycled material in a product and avoid the loss of primary microplastics. The objective is none other than to provide the industry with a way to guarantee the application of the principles of the circular economy.

We are national leaders. Our market is national and international for both managing plastic wastes for recycling and for marketing regrind.

Our team of professionals is highly experienced in the plastics recycling industry, which ensures that our clients receive professional service.



Reciclados La Red is Founded

Reciclados La Red by Veolia was founded in May 1993 with its core business focusing on the recycling of high-density polyethylene plastics (HDPE).


Expansión to LDPE and PP

Later, in May of 2000 we expanded our recycling business to include other materials such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP).


Plastics from Agricultural Plantations

Finally, in 2008 we expanded our business to include processing plastics from agricultural activities.

In this plant, we process materials from greenhouses, macrotunnels and microtunnels, as well as all the various types of agriculture-related products with a view to recycling and subsequently marketing them.

The types of plastics produced in these facilities are natural and black LDPE and post-consumer LDPE.


Veolia Spain

Since the beginning of 2023, Reciclados La Red has been integrated into Veolia Spain. In this way, both companies will combine their knowledge and experience in the sector to promote plastic recycling through the facilities and integrated centers that La Red has in Seville.


Over the last few years, we have expanded and modernised our various plants’ production capacities by acquiring the newest technologies available on the market.

Our experience drives us to continue improving day by day with the aim of obtaining the best possible results in terms of marketing and production.