Who are we?

La Red is part of Veolia, the leading company in the circular economy, decarbonization and optimized use of natural resources. Veolia designs bespoke solutions for its clients in managing water, waste and energy.

The mission of Veolia Group is to contribute to developing resources, conserve them, and renew them by nurturing the circular economy. Veolia, as a lodestar in the ecological transformation, is committed to creating innovative solutions to change the patterns of production and consumption, placing ecology at the heart of each process to create a better and more sustainable future for all of us.

Veolia possesses extensive international experience and very strong local presence, with more than forty offices in Spain and over fifty years’ experience in the country.

Veolia offers a range of integrated services for the management of all types of waste

VEOLIA is the specialist in waste management, whether liquid or solid, non-hazardous or special. Its experience covers all stages of waste management: solutions for urban cleansing, collection and transportation, selective collection and classification of recyclable materials, energy recovery, landfill operation and biogas recovery, and management of hazardous and hospital waste.

Plastic recycling at Veolia

In addition to La Red, Veolia has a plant, Torrepet by Veolia, dedicated to producing food-grade recycled PET pellets of the very highest quality. At TorrePET, which is in Torremejía, Badajoz, Veolia recovers and recycles as many of the containers on the market as possible to reuse the PET plastic. This converts waste into resources, promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation.


Plastiloop, the Veolia brand integrating all plastic recycling solutions

Veolia has created Plastiloop, the first worldwide circular polymers platform, to offer each client an innovative, advanced solution to reduce their carbon footprint and save natural resources by recycling and recovering polymers. Plastiloop also brings together all the Group’s technical and commercial experience in recycled plastics and becomes a long-term strategic partner accompanying clients on their journey towards ecological transformation.