An example of digital transformation with environmental commitment

Thanks to digital transformation, Reciclados La Red by Veolia has become the first Spanish company in its sector to achieve the AENOR certification for recycled plastic traceability.

The story of Reciclados La Red by Veolia is a faithful reflection of how digital processes have shaped its trajectory, reaching the point of making us a benchmark within Spain. This has been possible thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies that, in addition to benefiting the environment, have contributed to our recognition.

During this process of digitization, Reciclados La Red by Veolia has obtained the first certification for post-consumer recycled plastic traceability awarded by AENOR, based on the UNE-EN 15343 standard, which verifies the traceability system for recycling plastics from post-consumer sources.

The  certification supports the traceability system, from the moment the waste is received to the production of the final raw material in the form of recycled pellets, including batch characterization. Once the final product is ready to be delivered to customers, this certification ensures the quality and reliability of the product.

It’s worth noting that this entire process is carried out through digital approaches. Once the materials are received at our facilities, we implement a digital labeling system based on QR codes, along with applications that allow for meticulous tracking of the entire process. This precise identification is just a click away, thus ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Fuente: AED Talks, Andalucía Conectada

Besides, Reciclados La Red by Veolia stands out for its responsible use of resources, prioritizing material reuse and employing a traceability system that’s pans from waste reception to production for its second life. This approach positions us as undisputed leaders in the sector.